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29 juni 2018
The Liv Pareo
Liv is a pareo, as well as a beach blanket and hammam towel. A wrap dress, shawl, and at the same time a skirt.
Knit Factory

Liv pareo  beach blanket

Knit Factory Pareo Liv

No summertime without a perfect pareo

Liv is a pareo, as well as a beach blanket and hammam towel. A wrap dress, shawl, and at the same time a skirt. And that is very practical, especially in summertime. What about stylishly soaking up the sun on the beach? Or buying ice cream on the campsite? Or stealing the show while taking a stroll on the boulevard? Liv is comfortably soft, light, and quickly dries. Liv is cool, classy, and can be perfectly combined with for instance a short jeans jacket, jumpsuit, or belt. Pareo Liv is very versatile. And that is exactly what you need on vacation!

Picknickkleed Stranddoek Pareo Knit Factory

The vacation must-have for every woman

It remains a challenge every year: not taking too much luggage with you on vacation. How perfect would it be if you had one item with which you can keep creating a new look? A nice pareo makes a little room in your suitcase and provides you with a stylish outfit 24/7. Do you want to catch an early flight or have breakfast outside on the patio of the safari tent? Thanks to you wrap, you will never get cold. Want to hang out on the beach or at the hotel pool in the daytime? Tie up the pareo and turn it into a comfortable skirt or dress. Would you like to go out for a stroll on the beach or have a drink at that new beach club? Just drape it as a scarf or halter top and you're ready to go. Stylishly, we might add!

Pareo Rok Knit Factory

So, as you can see, the pareo is a skirt …

A beach dress, wrap dress, or sarong. But how do you really wear such a pareo? Tying it up is as easy as pie, when you get the hang of it. Fold it, wrap the cloth around your waist, tie both ends together, and it's a skirt. Tie it around your hips and you have a skirt with split. You can decide the length of the skirt yourself by the way you fold the cloth.

Pareo/Stranddoek kledingstuk

… back to a dress …

Would you prefer a dress, so that part of your upper body is also covered? Wrap the cloth around you, hold the two upper corners in front of you, cross them, and tie the ends together behind your neck, so that you get a halter dress. Or tie the pareo on the front above your breasts, so that your shoulders will tan evenly. You can also tie the wrap dress underneath your arm or a shoulder to create a different effect.

… and this way it's a scarf

Do you like the pareo so much that you would rather not put it away after a tropical day or a warm summer season? Just use the rectangular cloth as a spacious scarf. Comfortable for in your home, an addition to every outfit, and suitable all year round, both in springtime, as in summertime, as in autumn. Of course, you should wear it in the colour which matches your wardrobe, because you should always go for the stylish look.

We probably don't have to tell you that the pareo can also be used for a picnic or a little laziness in the sand. Move your plaid to the living room in wintertime and there you have it: you can use your multifunctional pareo all year round. Have fun with our Liv!

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