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Inspiration for the Living Room

A warm atmosphere in your house

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Be inspired

24 januari 2023
Want to create a cosy and warm atmosphere in your home? Knit Factory's knitted cushions and plaids are ideal for that. Plaids are perfect for adding an atmospheric touch to a living space, while decorative cushions are a great way to add colour and textures. Knit Factory shares tips for combining decorative cushions and plaids in your interior.
30 januari 2022
Redecorating the interior of your house doesn’t have to be a project that takes a lot of time and it does not have to be expensive. With a few changes you can enjoy a completely different interior. A different color paint, some new accessories and moving some of the furniture will do wonders. Knit Factory gives five tips to change up your interior. Keep reading to learn more about it!
11 januari 2022
Decorative cushions add atmosphere and cosiness to any interior. Theyre not just pretty accessories, they also add extra comfort to your sofa. Would you like a warmer, plain colour or a cushion with a print?
5 oktober 2020
Autumn is here and that means we’re all spending a little more time in the warmth and comfort of our own homes.

Home inspiration for all tastes

Which style matches your living room most? Which matches your personal taste most? Do you like rustic, classic, or robust? Or do you like to combine different styles? Knit Factory offers you all the inspiration to decorate your living room. With our extensive interior collection, you can make it all happen. You will always have the result you desire: an atmospheric living room which radiates your personal taste and style, with a dab of luxury!

Living room inspiration: cool or rustic

Would you like to decorate your house with a robust look and feel? You will achieve it with our stylish home accessories in a little cruder knitting pattern. Would you rather go for cool with the warm appeal of Nature? Then choose the natural colours such as terra, ochre, taupe, and green, and combine these with relaxed beige. Would you rather create a cool, industrial atmosphere? You will create it with the knitted home decoration in the colours anthracite and light grey. Would you, on the other hand, rather like to emphasise the rustic appeal of your living room, then fine-knit home products in beige or olive colours are more suitable. The calm knitting patterns and colours give your living room a more relaxed appeal in summertime, while in wintertime they provide a more comfortable and cosy atmosphere.

Home accessories: ton-sur-ton or colourful

Is your living room decorated with northern influences? Combine fine-knit and more crudely knit home accessories with striking accents in the colours Indigo, Jeans, and Marine, with solid-coloured home products in Mint or Stone Green. And do you already have the summer feeling? Then decorate your veranda, patio, or garden with stylish home decoration in various knitting styles and colours, such as Pink, Mauve, Mint, and Ochre, to create a cheerful whole! That will definitely put a smile on your face!

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