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Websites and web-shops use practical and useful techniques which increase user-friendliness, and which make the site as interesting as possible for every visitor. The most well-known examples of these types of techniques are cookies and scripts (hereinafter referred to as "cookies"). Cookies can be used by web-shop owners or by third parties – such as advertisers, for instance – which communicate using the website you visit.

Using cookies, Knit Factory ensures that you won't have to enter the same information over and over when visiting our website. We make surfing on our web-shop easier for you and can use cookies to make relevant offers outside of knitfactory.com, based on your displayed interests on knitfactory.com.

Just to be clear, we would like to say that functional cookies (see the explanation below) will always be placed, regardless of the choice you make. These cookies can always be placed without permission.

The use of cookies is safe. No personal information, such as phone numbers or email addresses can be derived from cookies. Therefore, cookies can also not be used for email and telemarketing actions.

To us it's very important that you know which cookies our website uses, and for which purposes they are used. This is because we would like to safeguard both your privacy, as well as our user-friendliness and our commercial interests. Below you can read more on the cookies which are being used by and through knitfactory.com, and for which purposes.

  1. Functional cookies – Cookies which ensure that knitfactory.com works optimally for the visitor. These cookies ensure e.g. that your chosen items will remain in the shopping cart, and that you don't have to enter your login name and password every time.
  2. Analytical cookies – Cookies with which the use of knitfactory.com is measured. With these, we can keep track of the statistics of our web-shop. We use this information to improve our web-shop. In Google Analytics, for instance, we can measure the numbers of visitors, their location, and the browser they use.
  3. Marketing cookies – Cookies which are used to show the visitor personalised content and web advertisements, based on their surfing behaviour. These cookies are used for marketing purposes. This way, we can for instance send you offerings which are genuinely relevant to you. Take for instance offerings through partner sites or social media.
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