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A great gift to both give and receive: the Knit Factory Gift Certificate. The coupon is available in different values, from € 10 to € 100.

Redeeming a gift certificate

The Knit Factory gift certificate can exclusively be used on this web-shop. You cannot redeem the gift certificate at other points of purchase.

How does payment with a gift certificate work?

Payment with a Knit Factory gift certificate is very simple. During the order process, you can enter the coupon code at the bottom of the screen of your shopping cart. You can find this unique code on your gift certificate.

Good to know:

  • You can redeem one gift certificate per order.
  • The gift certificate is valid until one year after it is issued. 
  • You can use the gift certificate until the credit on the coupon has been used up.
  • You cannot exchange the gift certificate for money.
  • We do not pay refunds upon exchange.

Validity gift certificate

A Knit Factory gift certificate is valid up to one year after it is issued. It is not possible to extend the validity period.

How much credit do I have (left) on my gift certificate?

Would you like to know what amount you have left on your gift certificate? Then enter the coupon code during the order process and you will immediately see the current value. You will not have to be afraid that the credit is depreciated. This will not happen until you definitely confirm your purchase.

It may be that you do not use up the entire value of the gift certificate during an order. That is not a problem. You can use the remaining amount for your next order.

Error notification when entering the code

Do you get an error message? We are sad to hear that. It may be that the expiration date has passed, and that the coupon code is no longer valid. A Knit Factory gift certificate is valid up until one year after the issue date. Should the code be valid, but you still receive an error notification? Then please contact our customer service.

Any more questions?

Do you have any questions about the Knit Factory gift certificate? Then you can contact our customer service. If you are already in possession of a gift certificate, then keep it handy so that you can use the coupon code.

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