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Knit Factory - Living room

Decorating every room in the same style

Knit Factory is a 100 % Dutch company. Our home accessories are all produced in the Netherlands and distinguish themselves by the luxurious knitted fabric. This gives every home interior accessory, from knitted Plaids to potholders, and from guest towels to lampshades, the same stylish appeal. Many of our home accessories are suitable for various purposes. For instance, the lampshades fit wonderfully in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. You can decorate your bedroom with the stylish knitted baskets, which also serve well for putting the guest towels in the toilet, and the comfortable knitted decorative cushions look lovely on the sofa, bed, and lounge set.

Decorating your home exactly the way you like it

The gorgeous, Knit Factory knitted home accessories are available in various natural colours. Therefore, you can not only design the interior of your home in a style which suits you, but also in a colour or combination of colours you like. Is Anthracite completely your colour? Then you can decorate your living room with the gorgeous dark grey knitted plaids and decorative cushions, decorate your bathroom with anthracite bath towels, and liven up your kitchen with knitted potholders, kitchen towels, and storage baskets in the same colour. Combine this stylish, dark colour with a light natural tone, such as Stone Green or Mauve to create a gorgeous and striking accent.

Decoration of your home, also for your garden, patio, or veranda

Your garden, veranda, or patio, forms another important part of your home interior, which you want to enjoy to the fullest from early spring until late autumn. That also becomes possible with Knit Factory's tasteful Plaids and decorative cushions! Choose the same colour for your outdoor decoration as for your indoor decoration, to create a stylish whole. Or go for a completely different tone, such as Mint or Pink, so that your outdoor space will truly stand out. Whatever you decide: decorating your house with the stylish Knit Factory knitted home accessories, means you'll have an atmospheric, warm, and pleasant house. In which you love to be in every room and every space!

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