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Knit Factory - a 100 % Dutch brand!

100 % Dutch knitted fabric

Knit Factory's home accessories and home interior products are all designed and artisanally produced in the Netherlands, in one of the very last knitting factories in the Netherlands. In a time in which production is largely transferred to low-wage countries, this is certainly unique. Since Knit Factory controls the entire process, you will profit from a quality guarantee and short delivery times.

Surprisingly different home accessories

Knit Factory's trademark is absolutely the unique combination of knitting and fabric. Warm and cosy and something entirely different! From potholders to spreads, and from bathrobes to cushions; all home interior accessories and knitted products are recognisable and radiate the same typical Knit Factory style. Strong and yet soft. Indestructible vintage. At Knit Factory we prove that ordinary can be original at the same time.

Natural bed, bath, and kitchen textiles

From the colours to the materials: everything in the home and living products is natural, strong, and durable. The kitchen textiles, the bed textiles, and the bath textiles in natural colours; they all have a rustic, robust appeal and are neutral without becoming boring. That you don't have to shout to stand out, is proven by the details made of leather, rope, and coconut. Crude has never before been so refined.

Durable and high-quality home interior products

A fabric and thread have to be of the highest quality in order to end up in a Knit Factory decorative cushion, kitchen towel, basket, or Plaid. Only with natural materials which are colour-fast, and which hold their shape, pass the test. Bet you will enjoy the user-friendly living and drying products for years to come? And the atmospheric fashion items and home accessories which are more than just pretty.

With knitwear, you will always be modern

Knitting is back. While at the same time it has never left. At Knit Factory, they have known since 1982 that combining fabric and knitting can lead to striking and original home products. They constantly introduce new knitted fabrics, which are completely logical, and yet unique. Because why would you only keep knitwear in your wardrobe? Knit Factory also conquers your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

Baby's Only - Knit Factory's little sister

Baby’s Only is a ‘Dutch Brand’ with a surprisingly high-quality knitted collection for babies, infants, and toddlers. A lifestyle brand, with a product offering of over 1,800 products, for the baby and the interior decoration of the baby's room.

The broad collection of Baby’s Only is high-quality, authentic, sophisticated, and enables you to make endless combinations! From trendy, unique, and classical designs, to luxurious details and original colour combinations.

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