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Inspiration for the Kitchen

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Cosy kitchen

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Decorate your kitchen with atmospheric kitchen textiles

The kitchen; a place where you go several times a day. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To grab a drink with friends, or to dine with family. Nowadays, the kitchen has become more and more part of the living room. And whichever style your kitchen radiates: classic, design, or industrial, Knit Factory has stylish kitchen textiles which match every style.

Lovely kitchens with matching kitchen decoration

Do you have a classic kitchen with a lot of wood? You will reinforce that cosy, relaxed look and feel with the stylish kitchen accessories in natural, warm tones, such as ecru, khaki, linen, and taupe. You will have a kitchen where everyone feels at home. Are you in love with the nostalgic farmer's kitchens of old, and have you exactly reproduced that style? Complete the look with our calm kitchen textiles. Choose the typical chequered pattern, images of hearts, tea pots or houses, or go for the traditional Dutch landscapes in our kitchen collection. In peaceful tones, or in bright red. You can brew granny's recipes completely in style!

Knit Factory will help you achieve your kitchen ideals

Is modern design more your way to go? You emphasise the luxurious, functional, and spatial nature of your kitchen with our solid colour kitchen textiles in light colours such as white, light grey, stone green, ecru, and linen. Dark colours, such as black, anthracite, purple, navy, and khaki, on the other hand, fit perfectly into a neat or industrial kitchen. This way, you'll create a neutral and natural effect. You can choose kitchen decoration in a single colour or in the chequered pattern, which combines the dark colours with other tones. Whichever style your kitchen has, the Knit Factory kitchen textiles turn your kitchen into a stylish whole. Where your cooking skills fully enhanced!

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