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28 april 2020
For the dearest mother!
Sunday the 10th of May is Mother`s Day and that means that all mothers can be put in the spotlight a little bit extra that day!
Knit Factory

For the dearest mother!

Sunday the 10th of May is Mother's Day and that means that all mothers can be put in the spotlight a little bit extra that day! Of course you want to give or get an original present, so we’re lending a hand. We have listed the nicest presents here for inspiration.

Elegant fashion for every moment of the day

Elegant fashion for every moment of the day

You'll probably recognise this situation: what am I going to wear today? The whole closet is full and yet you often choose that one pair of trousers or that particular jumper because it's so comfortable and looks nice. That choice becomes a lot easier with the Knit Factory cardigans! Because you can always wear a cardigan like this: finish your look and wear it as a cardigan for inside or use it as a jacket when you go out for a quick errand.

Now it's just the challenge choosing the cardigan from our collection that perfectly suits you in terms of appearance and colour. Good luck!

View the fashion collection

Indispensable this summer

There are products of which you think: yes, super handy, I'm really going to use that anytime, anywhere. That's how we feel about the pareo from the Liv collection. Not only on the beach but also at home this is a handy all-rounder. The Liv pareo is made of wonderfully supple cotton and can be worn as a dress or used as a rug in the garden. It's also handy for drying yourself with. The Liv pareo is available in many different colours. Besides the pareo, there are also various types of scarves available for a real summer look.

Discover the best summer must-haves

Indispensable this summer: the Liv pareo

Kitchen textiles with a difference

Because our kitchen textiles are knitted! Create a cosy dinner by covering the table with the placemats and look good yourself in the knitted kitchen apron. Give the kitchen a stylish look with the beautiful kitchen towels and tea towels and grab the pan with a chic potholder. You'll become a queen of the kitchen with Knit Factory's knitted kitchen accessories.

Choose your favorite kitchen textiles

A mini makeover for your living room

Who doesn't feel like it? A makeover so your living room is ready for spring and summer. With just a few small adjustments, you can create a whole new look. Step out of your comfort zone and choose a completely different colour than you might normally do. Or go for other accessories. A very handy one is a pocket for over the armrest of the couch in which you can easily store all your little things such as remote controls, tablets and magazines. Also nice are the new collections of cushions and plaids. A James cushion combines very well with a Joy plaid. Both cool and colourful and with a striking pattern in the fabric. Curious?

View more interior accessories

A mini makeover for your living room

Do you want more gift inspiration? View all our products online. And a tip: keep a close eye on our social media channels for fun giveaways. Have a great Mother's Day!

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